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Endura Freshwater Transom - Mount Trolling Motor

Endura™ Waterfowl Edition
Built to take on the elements and keep you in the action when the shooting heats up.

With a name like Endura™, there's no quit in these workhorses.

Motor Highlights

Lever Lock Bracket

  • Stronger than conventional brackets. Special composite materials resist flexing, warping and UV damage. Available on select models.

You'll love our most enduring qualities. This is perhaps the most popular trolling motor in the history of fishing. Why? Because the pure power and rugged dependability of Endura simply cant be beat. No fancy bells and whistles. No false pretenses. Form and function come together in a package that just says lets go fishing" year after year.


Indestructible Composite Shaft
  • The standard of the industry since 1991! Pound for pound, our ultra high-yield composite material has been tested to be three times the strength of steel. Virtually indestructible, it flexes on impact and then returns to its original position. Unlike steel, will not kink, break, rust or corrode guaranteed for life!

Cool, Quiet Power
  • Nothing runs cooler or more quietly than Minn Kota®. Extra large windings and commutators are used to dissipate heat, resulting in cooler operation, extended battery power and longer motor life. A unique bearing system produces low rpms/high torque to cut down on fish-spooking noise so quiet they'll never hear you coming.

Weedless Wedge 2 Prop
  • The latest generation of this legendary Roland Martin design features swept-back and flared blades to wedge weeds away. Pass through the thick stuff at any speed without battery-draining chopping and hacking.
    Advantage Camo Pattern
    • On our Camo Waterfowl Edition, the Advantage MAX-4 HD pattern gives hunters maximum effectiveness in open terrain. The pattern gives hunterns maximum effectiveness in open terrain. The pattern incorporates cattails, milet, milo, corn stalks, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, plus a variety of other plant life into the largest camouflage artwork on the market.