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OHM: 8
Color: Black

This is not "another" 6 x 9. It will play slightly lower than our Classic 6x9" and from the mid-bass up has no rivals. This is a drop in replacement for the Babb 6x9" speakers. As are our other speakers, they are waterproof and UV resistant. These will go anywhere, boat, dockside, patio, home audio and home theater. This speaker will rival overly priced home systems. 35Hz to 20kHz. +/- 3dB 92dB sensitivity.

  • 100% WaterPROOF
  • UV and Salt Water Resistant
  • Full Range (No Crossovers)
  • Spiderless (Less Resistance)
  • Light (Neodymium Magnets)
  • TOUGH! (3 Year Warranty)