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The Raymarine 60STV HD makes High Definition underway satellite TV a reality for boats 50 feet and larger. With a larger 24" (60 cm) antenna for enhanced signal acquisition, the 60STV HD is the perfect choice for ocean-going fishing, cruising and sailing boats alike. The high performance 60STV HD extends the range of satellite coverage ever further offshore than smaller units and offers enhanced satellite tracking in regions prone to weaker satellite signals.

Compatible with Hight Definition programming from DirecTV, the 60STV delivers stunning digital programming to your boat underway or at the dock. Raymarine's exclusive Wide Range Search algorithms and Dynamic Beam Tilting (DVB) technologies make satellite acquisition and tracking fast, steady and reliable in even the most extreme weather conditions. 60STV HD's standard NMEA 0183 GPS interface further reduces acquisition time by allowing the High Definition Antenna Control Unit (ACU) to know exactly where the boat is positioned in relationship to the broadcast satellites.

Fully stabilized to counter the motion of the boat while underway, 60STV HD also features conical scanning for maintaining the strongest possible signal, and a unique rotating sub-reflector the minimizes the need for constant dish movement resulting in much quieter operation than competitive units.

The 60STV HD's standard dual LNBs offer support for multiple receivers, while its simplified cabling makes installation easy.

The 60STV HD Satellite Television Antenna System includes the 60STV HD antenna, high definition antenna control unit, interconnect cables, mounting hardware, template and instructions. (Satellite TV receiver, programming subscription and television required, not included.)