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For vessels who already own a shipboard computer or laptop, the Ultrascan PC180 comes complete with software, a port-side and a starboard-side sonar module, two transducers with 30? of cable, two fairing blocks and an Ethernet switch.

  • Full 180° Forward Horizontal View
  • Scans 90° Vertically, 180° Horizontally and Downward
  • Great for Navigating Tricky Channels and Avoiding Obstructions
  • Ethernet Connectivity to PC's, Intel Enabled MAC's and PC Networks

  • Interphase introduces a major enhancement to its forward looking sonar product line-the new Ultrascan PC180.

    In 2010 Interphase introduced the revolutionary all-digital Ultrascan PC90 sonar. The new Ultrascan PC180 expands on the original Ultrascan concept by using two synchronized transducers. Two transducers, mounted on opposite sides of the vessels keel, gives full 180' horizontal forward visibility free from problems caused by obstructions from keels on displacement -hull vessels.

    Ultrascan PC180 uses advanced digital signal techniques to create high resolution, forward looking underwater images at the speed of sound. The signals from the two transducers are fused into a single image and sent via an Ethernet connection to a laptop or fixed PC or PC Network. Similar to the Ultrascan PC90, the PC180 creates astounding movie-like, streaming video images that show movement of fish, schools of bait, and provides near instant feedback when navigating narrow channels, around rocks, reefs and other underwater obstacles.

    Interphase's new Ultrascan PC180, uses two unique phased array transducers, with no moving parts, to simultaneously form multiple beams across two 90-degree segments for a total horizontal coverage of 180'. Easy to install, Ultrascan's fixed transducer requires no hoist or expensive sea chest-and molded transducer fairing blocks are included to further ease installation.

    The Ultrascan PC180 uses it's wide horizontal scan to navigate in shallow areas or find schools of bait and fish and by switching to the vertical scan mode the display will show bottom contours ahead and obstacles in directly in the vessel's path. The PC180 also features a full and split-screen downward view-similar to a conventional fishfinder/depthsounder.

    For vessels who already own a shipboard computer or laptop, the Ultrascan PC180 comes complete with software, a port-side and a starboard-side sonar module, two transducers with 30' of cable, two fairing blocks and an Ethernet switch.

    Complete with forward ranges to 1,200 feet, depths to 600 feet, auto-range, auto gain, forward alarms and many other advanced features.

    Utrascan PC180 Features:

  • 8 Digital Filters for Ultimate Clarity
  • 4 Power Outputs- From 100 Watts to 1.6kW RMS
  • Bottom Depths to 600ft
  • Scanning Beam 12x (Width of Beam Approx. 20ft at 100ft distance)
  • 16 Colors- To Indicate Signal Strength TVG- Time Variable Gain Receiver
  • Connects to PC Via Ethernet
  • Power and Data LED's
  • Can Work With Existing Interphase Scanning Transducers
  • TVG- Time Variable Gain Receiver
  • Power: 10-35 VDC at 0.5AMP

    Software Features:

  • Hi Resolution Display Capability
  • Vertical and Horizontal Scan Displays
  • Forward Range Alarms
  • Full and Split Screen Displays
  • Automatic or Manual Gain and Depth Adjustments
  • US, Metric and Nautical Display Modes
  • Maximum Forward Range: 1200ft
  • Maximum Bottom Depth Range: 600ft
  • Screen Capture Mode

    1Ghz Pentium, > 100MB Free HD space.
    DirectX Graphic Capabilities
    RJ 45 Ethernet port WIN XP or Higher
    CD-Rom Drive to Load Software