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SE-200 SONAR ENGINE BOX WITH KEYPAD. Includes 10' VGA AND 10'Video Cable. Shipped without transducers


  • Forward Ranges to 1,200 ft
  • Depth Ranges to 600 ft
  • Adjustable Scanning Sectors
  • Simultaneous VGA and Video Outputs
  • Up to Two Remote Keypads
  • Auto Range/ Auto Gain
  • 10-16 VDC- Less Than 1.0 Amp
  • Separate Gain Controls for Forward and Downlooking Modes
  • Shallow Water Vertical Zoom
  • 200kHz Frequency
  • Keel Offset Adjustment
  • Sunlight, Daylight and Night Modes
  • Forward and Downlooking Alarms
  • Loud External Alarm Capability
  • 3,000 Watts Peak to Peak Output
  • NMEA 0183 Digital Depth Output (DPT,DBT)
  • NMEA 0183 GPS Input (GLL,VTG)
  • Full Screen Forward Scan Displays
  • 12 degree Beam Angle
  • 200 kHz Frequency
  • "Power-Off" Memory
  • Full Screen Depthsounder Display
  • Split Screen Forward Scan and Depthsounder Display
  • Split Screen Forward Scan and Digital Data Screen
  • Shallow Water Vertical Zoom
  • USB for Future Internet Upgrades
  • On-Screen Cursor shows distance and depth at any point
  • Keel offset adjustment
  • Sunlight, Daylight, and Night modes