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Waterproof iPad Case iPad 1 - Blue
Say hello to a new freedom
If you're into the great outdoors - or work in demanding conditions - you need technology that won't let you down. On the water, at the beach, on the trail or in the field.

Lifedge goes where you go, whatever you're doing.

Lifedge keeps your iPad safe and dry while you work, ride, trek or explore. Our leading edge design uses the very best in materials technology to deliver peak performance under even the harshest conditions. Always.


  • 100% Waterproof. Shockproof
  • Anti-glare screen for sunlight viewing
  • Total functionality of touchscreen, Wi-Fi and cameras
  • Easy to take on and off - compact enough to leave on permanently
  • Exceptional sound transmission
  • Comfortable handstrap for ease of use

Innovation that's built to last
Constructed from the highest quality materials and designed with the latest technology - the Lifedge iPad case is shockproof, waterproof and provides full functionality. So feel free to take snapshots and access your apps while you're out in the elements. Your iPad couldn't be better protected.

100% Waterproof
The case has been tested to an IP67 rating - which means it will be fully watertight in 1m of water for 30 minutes. As a result the case is also dustproof.

We tested how well the case stood up to being dropped from 1m onto concrete. It didn't crack or distort. And most importantly, the iPad inside wasn't damaged in any way.

Front outer case
This is constructed from the highest grade Bayer polymers and plastics with excellent microbe resistance. They are UV stabilized. The case will perform in all conditions - tolerating a wide ambient temperature range from -20 degree C to 45 degree C.
  • High resistance to chemicals
  • Salt water resistant

Front screen
The flexible screen features an incredible OptiGuard coating. It's also RF welded to the front outer to give a continuous waterproof seal. The hydrophobic surface allows water to run off quickly.

OptiGuard Anti-glare coating provides:
  • Exceptional screen clarity in sunlight
  • Reduced eyestrain
  • Sharp picture

The screen resists abrasion from:
  • Regular use, in/out of kit bags
  • Rough fabrics
  • Oils, sunscreen, household and other chemicals

Back of case
Tough moulded polycarbonate provides an impact-resistant, protective shell.

Camera lens
Optically clear, anti-reflective polycarbonate lens ensures the iPad camera performs when inside case.

Front Camera Optical Patch
Because the front of the iPad case features a transparent, anti-glare coating, Lifedge provide two Optical Patches. These fit to the outside and inside of the iPad case and ensure the iPad camera functions as normal in all conditions.
  • Optical Patch kit comes supplied in the product box
  • Patches are made from OptiGuard AROL
  • They cleverly override the anti-glare coating to create a clear patch ensuring the camera works to its full functionality

Made from a soft touch, comfortable, non-absorbent material, the strap holds firm to your hand for the perfect fit. And you get the versatility of two lanyard attachments. The strap is fitted to the case with tough, anti-rust 316 stainless steel fastenings and inserts. But you can easily remove and re-fit it using a 2.5mm Allen key.

Click Here for the Lifedge Video Channel with instructions for fitting and charging in your case.

*Headphone and charging ports not accessible when cover is in place.