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VHF Programming Service

Please click here for the required form and submit it with your order.

Includes: Programming of Channel name and Frequencies-including Duplex channels, RX only, Low Power Only, and Scrambler(if compatible with radio).

Radio Cloning: Copy the identical configuration to another radio of the same model.

Scan or Tag List: Specify custom channels that the radio will Scan when prompted.

Programming Services are not limited to newly purchased radios; we are capable of programming most Current model Standard Horizon VHF radios. Please contact us to verify your model is programmable.

Feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Current program capable models:

  • HX290
  • HX370S
  • HX400
  • HX851
  • GX1600
  • GX1700
  • GX2000
  • GX2150
  • GX5500S